As the new brandname of AKKİM in Marine Market ProLoc Marine Line is offering a wide range of sealants foams and specialist glues to the global leisure and commercial marine sectors.  As well as specialist professional products there will also be a quality range of products suitable for the leisure marine aftermarket.

AKKİM established itself as a manufacturer of chemical products in 2001 with a focus on producing high quality eco-friendly products for both professional and DIY markets, creating permanent solutions for a wide range of customer needs.
AKKİM produces a broad range of products including:


AKKİM is most active in the construction, marine, furniture, automotive and DIY markets.
With an abundance of knowledge and experience, AKKİM is one of the most respected global players in the Polyurethane foam and sealants market, with constant development and research into new products to support the professional building and construction industry worldwide.

All AKKİM products are developed and manufactured at the 25,000 m2 state of the art facility at Hadimkoy, Istanbul and are all produced in accordance of ISO 9001.
With very high output potential AKKİM currently works with many of the largest internationally renowned companies producing many products under private label.  AKKİM’s extensive in house marketing and packaging facility can take care of all aspects of this service to the very highest standard.

AKKİM is currently recorded by Istanbul’s Chamber of Commerce as one of 1000 fastest growing industrial companies in Turkey.  AKKİM firmly intends to climb this table with aggressive plans for expansion during the coming years.
AKKİM has become the natural partner for many local and international companies wishing to stay one step ahead of the competition, engaging with the very latest technology and equipment to maintain this advantage.

AKKİM currently exports to 108 countries with many new territories being added daily.